Bridal FAQs

Bridal Collection

Q: Are all the dresses on your website available?
A: All of the dresses online are available to order. 

Q: How much do the dresses cost?
A: Prices start from £1,800 and range up to £10,000.

Q: Can I adapt the styles in the Bridal collection?
A: It is possible to adapt the design, however this will fall into our Bespoke service. For more information about Bespoke, please see our website or make an enquiry. Basic adaptations to the dresses, such as alternative ribbon colours, can be made. These details will be finalised in your appointment. If you have any specific ideas, please let us know before your appointment.



Q: How long will my appointment be?
A: Your appointment will last for 75 minutes. 

Q: Where does my appointment take place?
A: At our studio in East London.

Q: Who can I bring to the appointment with me?
A: We kindly ask that no more than two guests accompany you to your appointment. 

Q: What happens if I need to reschedule or cancel my appointment?
A: If your appointment is rescheduled or cancelled with less than 48 hours notice, you will be charged in full. Rescheduling or cancellations within 7 days will be charged at 50%.

Q: How much does an appointment cost?
A: To book an appointment, we charge £150 for studio appointment and £100 for digital appointments, but kindly note that this cost will be deducted from the final cost of your dress.

Q: What shall I wear to my appointment?
A: We advise you wear neutral, comfortable underwear, or something similar to what you imagine wearing on your wedding day. Please wear minimal makeup, and refrain from wearing make up such as foundation and lipstick, which can rub off on the garments. If you are thinking of trying on a veil, kindly note that all our veils are fastened into combs, so your hair may need to be styled to secure the comb. 

Q: Shall I bring shoes?
A: If you already have your wedding shoes, or something similar, do feel free to bring them along. The height of your shoes is important for calculating hem length. Kindly note, we also have Molly Goddard bridal shoes available.

If you have any accessibility or notable needs, please do let us know before your appointment so we can ensure we are able to provide the best possible service.


COVID Statement

Please note that all appointments will be in line with current government advice and restrictions, with extensive measures in place to ensure the safety of all concerned.

If regulations change, we can easily switch to a digital or reschedule. 


Sizing and Measurements

Q: What sizes do you offer the bridal collection?
A: We offer the collection in UK sizes 6 – 18, but if you are looking for a different size, do not hesitate to enquire because we can facilitate sizes outside this range.

Q: Can you make a dress to my exact body measurements?
A: Our collection is made to order in UK dress sizes. Amendments to the hem length are complimentary. We are able to offer a made to measure service, however this will fall into our Bespoke service.

Q: How do I know which size to take?
A: In your appointment, we will take your measurements and confirm which size will be the best fit.

Q: What sizes are your samples?
A: We hold samples ranging from size 8 – 14, but please note that not all dresses will be in multiple sizes. If you have a dress or style in mind, please do share this with us before your appointment, so that we can try to accomodate.

Q: What happens if my body size changes?
A: If you anticipate your body size changing before your wedding day, then this needs to be communicated in your initial appointment. As we manufacture the dress to your dress size, we would need to come to a formal agreement of which dress size to manufacture if it deviates from your actual body size. If your body size changes from your anticipated measurements, we may be able to offer a tailoring or alteration service, but this depends upon the construction of your chosen dress. 


Overseas Customers

Q: I live abroad. How do I try on a dress?
A: To try on a dress, you will have to visit us in our London studio. Unfortunately we cannot ship the samples overseas for fittings.

Q: Can we arrange a digital appointment?
A: Yes, we can. Here you will have your measurements taken, view all of your desired dresses on a mannequin and get advice on fit from our team.



Q: How long will my dress take to be made?
A: We allow 12 weeks for the dress to be manufactured, but a confirmed lead time will be given upon your order. 

Q: Can my dress be made any sooner?
A: Yes, but a ‘rush fee’ will be applied to any orders needed sooner than our standard lead times.

Q: Where will the dress be made?
A: Your dress will be made in London by one of our skilled makers.

Q: What if I need an alteration?
A: Depending on the alteration required, we can offer an alteration service for an additional cost or alternatively we can recommend a tailor to take the dress to.


Payment and Returns

Q: What is your returns policy?
A: As the dress will be manufactured specifically for you, we are unable to accept returns or offer exchanges. 

Q: What are your payment terms?
A: We will ask for a 50% deposit upon order, then take the remaining 50% before the dress is delivered.